Last year the fairies discovered the Himalayan Gardens and Sculpture park and found it so amazing that they made
their homes here. Things must be going well for them as their homes are about to have a refit. Not only new doors, but also new windows as well.

On your next visit, see if you can find them all. But remember though, the fairies are very shy. If you make too much
noise, then they will hide. To help you find the doors, you will find location maps positioned throughout the garden. Take a picture of them on your mobile phones and follow the trail …

Moths & Butterflies

Over the winter we have been working hard with Butterfly Conservation to establish areas in the garden that will assist with butterfly and moth preservation. These have included woodland, grassland, and flower beds.
Numerous plants and flowers have been planted, such as sedums, asters, and Himalayan buddleia bushes. To help you find these areas a large information map will be positioned at the ticket office and specific information boards will be placed around the site at the key locations.

More information on how the plants fare and what butterflies we attract will be included in future newsletters. But for a start the first butterfly was seen on 15th March at 1pm in the afternoon, and that was a Peacock butterfly like the one pictured below. It is just the beginning, and many more will be seen over the summer months.

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