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We are now closed. Our 2022 Season will run from the 12th of April until the 30th of October. Season tickets and vouchers for 2022 are now available to purchase online and would make perfect Christmas.

Online ticket sales are non refundable. We are unable to change tickets to a different date for weather related reasons. If you are unable to attend on the specific day booked (due to an emergency or illness) please contact the Office to arrange to visit on an alternative day. Please ensure when purchasing online tickets, that they are for the correct venue, we are unable to refund tickets bought for a different Garden or Sculpture Park.

Please act responsibly when booking tickets and follow Government Guidelines and Laws where applicable. Please adhere to all the guidelines outline when visiting the Park, in order to make a safe environment for all to enjoy. Thank you.

Extreme Weather Conditions – Please check the website before you set off for daily updates

Extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, storms, floods or snow could lead to the Park having to be closed during opening hours, and we may have to ask you to leave the Park. This will be done in accordance with our Health and Safety and Risk Assessments which prioritize visitor and staff safety. If we are unable to open the park or we have to ask you to leave during your visit due to weather conditions, we will arrange for you to visit on an alternative day.

Group Bookings 2022

We are currently taking coach and group bookings for 2022. Group visits could be subject to change depending upon Government Guidance and Covid restrictions at the time of your visit. We have a flexible booking system in place to deal with this. Why not book a visit now and have something to look forward to. Groups of 15 or more people benefit from our reduced group rates when pre-booking their visits.


Sadly the park is not suitable for wheelchair users, mobility scooters or people with limited mobility. We are continually improving our paths however, the topography of the area dictates that the paths are steep in places, with some paths having a number of steps. We recommend using Coronation Drive (a paved drive down into the heart of the garden) for Pushchair access. The nature of the gravel paths means that it is somewhat of a workout in places to push a pushchair, and wider tyre chairs are more suitable for the terrain.

Introducing our new range of scented wood wick candles and reed diffusers, a perfect gift or a luxurious treat.

 Purchases of £30 or over will qualify for free postage, which will be refunded on dispatch of the order.

Candle Reed Diffuser
Oriental Poppy £19.50 + £2.95 postage Buy Now £24.50 + £2.95 postage Buy Now
Peony £19.50 + £2.95 postage Buy Now £24.50 + £2.95 postage Sold Out
Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine £19.50 + £2.95 postage Sold Out £24.50 + £2.95 postage Sold Out
Cinnamon Orange & Clove £19.50 + £2.95 postage Sold Out £24.50 + £2.95 postage Sold Out

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