The Hutts Foundation – set up to protect this beautiful Garden

The Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park

Donated to a Charitable Trust, named The Hutts Foundation, by Peter and Caroline Roberts. The purpose was to secure the future of the park, and enable people to be able to enjoy the beautiful collection of rare plants and sculptures.

Garden history

The Hutts, a name which derives from the Norse for “Head of the Valley” is a 45 acre woodland garden created by Peter and Caroline Roberts . When they acquired the property in 1996 much of the grounds were coppiced Hazel woodlands with an infestation of Japanese Knotweed, whilst other parts of the site were dense, dark woods of Sitka Spruce.

Peter and Caroline donated the estate to a charitable trust, named The Hutts Foundation with the purpose of securing the future of the park and enable people to be able to enjoy the beautiful collection of rare plants and sculptures.

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Charitable objectives

Our charitable objectives are; the advancement of the arts, horticulture and environmental protection or improvement, particularly but not exclusively by promoting the cultivation and conservation of rare and endangered plant species of the world and the use of sculpture within natural and cultivated landscapes.

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“I think that the Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park sounds like a slice of paradise, and my Kashmiri-born heart jumps with joy to think of its existence. Gardens are the greatest healers on earth, and as our stressful anxious lives tie us up in knots we may turn to the sweet silence of the great green earth for solace. Paradise is the old word for a walled garden: safe from the burning sun and whipping winds, with water flowing, shady trees and the scent of flowers. The Hutts Foundation has generously given us the key to the door; just turn that key, and find happiness and peace”

Joanna Lumley

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