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List of the Sculptures in the Park

  Sculpture Name of Artist Medium
1 Kinetic Wind Sculpture Philippe Lamoral  
2 Swing Me Mama Clive Gono Zimbabweawn springstone
3 4 x Guinea Fowl Zimbabwean Artist Tin
4 Team Spirit Ann Vrielinck Bronze
5 Sonata Helen Sinclair Bronze Resin
6 Bird Terrence Coventry Steel
7 Thai Buddha Artist Unknown Beige marble
8 Inca Philip Kotokwa Stone
9 Flat Owl Christopher Marvell Modeled in plaster, cast into bronze
10 The Disc Leon Bronstein Bronze
11 Toadstools Anthony Sturgiss Steel
12 Roman Stone Figure Artist Unknown Concrete
13 Foundation Mike Speller Bronze
14 Displaying Blackbird Terence Coventry Powder coated Steel
15 White Ladies Head ‘Primavera’ Helen Sinclair Pale Stone-resin
16 Tawny Owl Hamish Mackie Bronze
17 Leopard Hamish Mackie Bronze
18 Roebuck Deer Hamish Mackie Bronze
19 Owl Hamish Mackie Bronze
20 Tribal Head  Patricia Volk Stoneware
21 Wave Rebecca Newnham Fiberglass and styrofoam with stainless steel structure
22 Fisherman Head  Christopher Marvell Modelled in plaster, cast into bronze
23 Skywards  Giles Raynor Steel
24 Goat I Terence Coventry Bronze
25 The Swift Hamish Mackie Bronze
26 Stone Circle Barry Bain & Peter Roberts Old Stone Gateposts
27 Samara  Rebecca Newnham Fiberglass / Glass
28 Small Resting Duck Chamu Romano Zimbabweawn Stone
29 Dragonflies Steve Blaylock Steel & Glass
30 Herons Zimbabwean Artist Iron
31 Magnolia Rebecca Newnham Glass on Plaster
32 Pinnacle Giles Raynor Steel
33 Still Sitting II Helen Sinclair Stone Resin
34 Large Resting Duck Chamu Romano Zimbabwean Stone
35 Stork Zimbabwean Artist Iron
36 Steel Mushrooms Anthony Sturguss & Steve Blaylock Steel
37 Nuturing Tago Tazvitya Opal Stone
38 Steel Mushrooms Anthony Sturgiss and Steve Blaylock Steel
39 Water Flower Giles Raynor Steel
40 Kingfisher Anthony Sturgiss and Steve Blaylock Steel
41 The Golden Apple Malcolm West Bronze resin, variegated green patination
42 Thailand Hand Artist Unknown Bronze
43 Abstract Shell Tendai Gwardza 3cm Stone Serpentine
44 Silent Luminence Sally Fawkes Glass
45 Heron Zimbabwean Artist Iron
46 Hermes – Message of God Artist Unknown Bronze
47 Field Poppy Anthony Sturgiss Steel
48 Clematis Anthony Sturgiss Steel
49 Meconopsis Grandis Anthony Sturgiss Steel
50 Dancing Hare  Christopher Marvell Modelled in plaster, cast into bronze
51 Dragonflies Anthony Sturgiss and Steve Blaylock Steel & Glass
52 Sophistry Helen Sinclair Stone Resin
53 Juliet – Study of a Dancer Tom Merrifield Bronze with green and black patina
54 Pair of Seated Cheetahs Mark Coreth Bronze
55 Stone Owl Italian Stone
56 Roe Doe Hamish Mackie Bronze
57 Seated Boar Terence Coventry Bronze
58 Three Circling Birds Terence Coventry Powdercoated Steel
59 Sunrise David Williams-Ellis Bronze
60 Set of 3 Magpies Helen Denerley Scrap Metal
61 Celtic Knot Felicia Fletcher Cold Cast Bronze
62 Band II Jonathan Loxley Tunisian Black & Gold Marble
63 West Himalayan Fir Cone  W J Simpson, known as John Simpson Welsh Slate
64 Red Scarf Carol Peace Bronze
65 Red Ribbon Carol Peace Bronze Resin
66 Family III Carol Peace Mild Steel & Bronze
67 Rising Form Dominic Welch Bronze
68 Lily III Ian Marlow Stainless Steel
69 Chalice David Harber Stainless Steel
70 Corten Bird Terence Coventry Corten Steel
71 Weathervane Cockerel   Painted Copper
72 Summerhouse Henry & Julius Caesar Rustic House Builders, Knutsford Cheshire Thatched wooden summer house
73 LilyPads Rebecca Newnham Fibreglass
74 Contemplation Circle  Liam O’Neill Redwood