Hutts Foundation



The Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park was donated to a Charitable Trust, The Hutts Foundation, by Peter and Caroline Roberts.

The purpose of this was to secure the future of the park and enable people, both young and old, to be able to enjoy the sculptures in this wonderful environment and to understand and be educated in the whole process of developing and maintaining a collection of rare plants. The sculptures have been chosen and positioned within the landscape in a way that relates to everything around them; the weather, light, vegetation and the close and long-distance views. It is an active relationship, with each sculpture focusing, intensifying and animating its environment

The objectives of The Hutts Foundation are:

1.1          The advancement of the arts, horticulture and environmental protection or improvement, particularly but not exclusively by promoting the cultivation and conservation of rare and endangered plant species of the world and the use of sculpture within natural and cultivated landscapes; and

1.2       The advancement of education of the public in the arts and horticultural skills, particularly but not exclusively in the fields of plant and garden conservation, the cultivation of rare plants and the use of sculpture within natural and cultivated landscapes

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